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Browser Based Solutions
absolute software is browser based. All you need is an internet connection and an internet browser.
How does it work?
VehicletraXTM uses the latest in RFID technology. To find out how RFID works, visit our page
What is RFID?
What is VehicletraX?
VehicletraXTM is a full featured, comprehensive tracking system for vehicles, recording vehicle movements, parking management, delivery management and reporting.  From the berth-shipyard (vehicle arrival) to the yard (vehicle storage or parking), to the showroom, to the end customers.   Utilising PDA technology, information on each vehicle is scanned and recorded quickly and efficiently, which can then be downloaded automatically for storage and reference.
The exact location and condition of vehicles can be found at the touch of a button, vital when transporting, storing and particularly maintaing large and expensive products.

VehicletraXTM is endorsed and used by Al-Habtoor Motors.
Key Benefits
- Immediate response and identification of reason in case of any vehicle damages
- Reduce payroll expenses by greatly shortening vehicle location when required
- Automate preventative maintenance to avoid demurrage costs in the shipyard
- Avoid surprise repair costs in vehicle interior parts and tires
- Automate delivery management to ensure timely delivery of vehicle
- Save costs in human error and time by reducing manual effort in tracking and delivery processes
- Interface support with Kerridge & ADP Products
- Detailed summary reports can be generated immediately